28 July 2010

What Am I Gonna Do?

I want to make all these. Do you know how hard it is to find a simple cotton robe that doesn't look like your grandmother should be wearing it? Even here in Florida you have three choices for robes: gramma robe, satin/silky/sexy robe, fleece-"I-live-in-Canada"-cold robe. I don't get it.
I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed that the print on the fabric I bought is so big.  That's Ella's hand there.  I took a picture with my hand in it but I'm too embarassed to post my fat hand.  I mean, my hand is sporting some serious chubbiness. The huge print really limits what I can do with this fabric, but I though one of the shirts above or a skirt would look nice.
See, big print.
It'll cost me at least $20 to buy the planet fabric from Ebay or Etsy. I'm disappointed that Fabric.com gave me the wrong fabric. It was a good deal, but I may never buy from them again because this isn't the first time I've been disappointed by them.
Maybe I'll make some boy balls for Isaac with this stuff.


Marie said...

That pattern is big! I still think it's so pretty, but I was also thinking that the flowers were much smaller. I'm sorry that you've had some disappointment with your order. I feel bad for instigating it.

My order should be here sometime today. I think it's taking so long because I ordered so much. The box is 15 pounds! I might have over done it. I'll let you know if I actually got any robot or planet fabric and will send you some. Don't pay full price for it before then!!

Marie said...

I like the yellow robe from pattern 3573. I think it would make a pretty skirt too, but you'd probably get more use out of a robe.

Joanna said...

Please, please, please don't feel bad for showing me the sale! It was FUN to buy fabric, fun to get it in the mail, and it's going to be fun to use it!!! New fabric is the source of inspiration!

I guess I should have checked the measurement that they have right there below the fabric. Though, I'm not sure that would have deterred me from buying it. ;)

Wow, your box weighs A LOT!!!!! If you get some planet fabric, then just send me enough to make some balls with it. Or I could pay you for 1/4 yard or something. I really don't want you to just hand over your fabric. I'd feel really bad.

I like that robe too. How would you make a skirt out of it???

Meagan said...

That large of a print would look really nice as drapes or the back of a quilt. I can't really see it as being a robe cause it could tuen out with the flowers not being placed right in the chest area and make it look wierd...but that is my opinion.... maybe the flowers aren't quite as big as I think.

I really like the look of the material from fabric.com that you took. All thouse bright colors go really well together even without the planets material. I would consider using it for your original project anyways, or maybe seeing if you could add a store bought material if you need a fifth pattern. If you buy some less expensive store bought window coverings you could add length to them by adding some of the colors to the bottom edge, I think that would look nice. If I remember the pattern of the bedding correctly maybe doing a stripe of the blue stripes across the bottom or in the middle would look really nice. You could even send it to Johanna and she could add puppy dog sayings or cute boy things above the stripe, I bet that would look really cute!

Okay anyways, I would be very diappointed not getting what I ordered too, but maybe you will find something even better....

Marie said...

For the skirt, I was thinking View B from pattern 5431. I love the pockets! In fact, I bought this pattern after I saw yours. Those pockets would be so handy! You're totally making me want to make a skirt now. hmmm...

Focus! Ok, so for YOU, if you can find a fabric that was very similar to the flowers, you could use it for the accent and maybe it would tone down the busyness (is that a word?).

And really? You'd pay me $0.50 for 1/4 yard of the planet fabric? :) You're funny!

Joanna said...

Oh I don't have nearly enough fabric of one kind to make a robe out of that stuff. A robe calls for 4 yards and I only got 2 yards of each. I would definitely make a skirt or a shirt though.

That skirt pattern is my very favorite!! The one skirt I made from it has the pockets and they are SSOOOO handy. And that's exactly what I was thinking too. Make one with a contrast. I think I shall. WOOHOO!! See, new fabric is good!

And yes, busyness is a word. Business is where you work, busyness is when you're...busy.

Meagan said...

Joanna is full of all kinds of wordly wisdom.