22 November 2010


Alright Already! Is there anyone still here?!?!?

I have a challenge for all of us! Me included!

There are five weeks left till Christmas. I know I have several crafting ideas that I want to do this year..... and I am tired of ignoring this blog!

So till the recipe wars start up again, lets do Christmas!

Let's sign up for a day and post on a topic of the week.

Week of November 27- Advent Calendars (making one? with what?)

Week of December 4 - Gift making ideas, or what we are working on (where does your inspiration come from?)

Week of December 11 - Our Christmas Decorations (tree pictures, etc.)

Week of December 18- Holiday menus, special recipes, etc.

Let's Getting Going!

Who's going to post first? (Due to Christmas on Saturday this year, Friday is when the topics will begin/change.)

Tuesdays- Marie
Thursdays- Joanna
Saturdays- Meagan
Sundays- Johanna

(Check comments to see if days have been picked, I will update as needed.)

Also, Are we doing a Ornament Exchange? Majority Vote: No.


Joanna said...

Good idea, Meagan! Okay, I'll take a day. How about Thursdays.

I'm ambivilant about the ornament exchange. If you guys want to do ornament exchange then I'm in.

Marie said...

Yes, good idea! I'll take Tuesdays. I'm not really wanting to do an ornament exchange. Sorry. But, I think I'll definitely be wanting to do it next year when I don't have to nurse a baby 12 hours a day :)

Johanna said...

I'll go with Sundays. Was Sunday on the list? If not, Monday.

I am not really up to an ornament exchange this year. I have been having some health issues, and I cannot add one more thing to my plate. Sorry.

Meagan said...

I was on the fence about the exchange too, I just had kept forgetting to ask.

I am sorry Johanna that you haven't been feeling well lately. I am with you, but I think the new med is going to help a lot.

Tina said...

Ok - sounds good! i will do Fridays, then!
I am also feeling a bit too rushed this year to think about the ornament exchange. We should plan early next year though, because I did really enjoy that!

Leah said...

sounds great. I can do Mondays. We aren't doing a very traditional christmas this year, but I'll see what I can do :)

Meagan said...

So I will take Wednesdays.

I am sure we will all have very different things to post, as we all celebrate a little differently. Some of us have lots of kids, others have no kids, some of us travel, some of us stay home. Whatever we do for the holidays, it is what we do. If it is a picture of a countdown on the computer, or an advent calendar passed down from when Grandma was a kid, it is all worth posting. It is what makes us, us!

Meagan said...

Okay, so I changed it to Saturdays... It gets pretty busy with the weekend, but I didn't want a gap in postings right as the new topic came out... Kainoa, Do you want Wednesdays?

kainoawilliams said...
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kainoawilliams said...

OMG...that just leave me! I'm a procratinator....how can I function under pressure! LOL! I have ZERO inspiration and even less time...darn that 12 hour a day JOB I have! What do I do I dont want to be left out...can I post pictures when we get and actually decorate our tree! I miss you all here I just wish I had MORE time at home and felt better (back problems that we will address in another post) not to bore you all!

kainoawilliams said...

I would LOVE to try my best post SOMETHING on WEDNESDAY ! I will try my best to be crafty even though I don't feel crafty at all! I will try my best to post something!