24 November 2010

Sharpen Your Scissors!

I've had my Gingher scissors for about 10 years now and have never gotten them sharpened! It's true that I haven't actually been using them regularly during those 10 years, especially during those yarn-obsessed years, but it was still way over due.

I asked the ladies at my local quilt shop about where to get them sharped and one of them suggested I send them directly to Gingher. That's what she's been doing for years and she pointed out that they are the less likely to mess them up.

So, I got the info here about what to do. It only costs $7.50!

And 14 days later, I have my trusty scissors back!

They even included a new cover for it since I had lost mine and used that tiny cover from my tiny Ginghers. Nice!


kainoawilliams said...

They look fabulous you lucky girl you!

Joanna said...

Cool. Maybe I should consider that. One of my girls (who shall remain nameless (buthernamestartswithane)) used my grandmother's very nice, old Gingher scissors to CUTE WIRE!!! Now they catch. GRRRRR...

Marie said...

You should! It says on the site that they restore it to "functionally new condition". They even put a little grease at the hinge. It's smooth as buttah!