26 November 2010

So, not the best pictures, but here is finally the other scarf that I finished a while ago. The yarn is Rowan Purlife Revive. Lovely color and a mix of recycled silk, recycled cotton, and recycled viscose. I really think it knitted up nicely, but not really sure how well it will hold the nice blocked look. It seems, like with acrylic yarns, to lack that structure for the stitches. You know what I mean?
The pattern was the Weathertop Scarf. It was pretty easy, but without being boring.
I would likely make this one again, but the last thing I need is to knit another scarf right now. Still working on the one for my brother in law and it is going to take forever!!! :-)


Joanna said...

Nice. I like the color, too. It looks very soft.

Hey, how'd your hair get blonde?

Tina said...

Funny, it does look blonde! It isn't, though, that's just the light in the picture. I do have some highlights. A friend of mine in the neighborhood is a hair stylist and does my hair all the time for cheap. Lucky me!

Leah said...

It's beautiful.