30 November 2010

Marie's Advent Calendar Post

I've never really used an advent calendar. I might have gotten one of those store-bought paper/cardstock ones, but I'm sure I wasn't diligent in opening up those little windows everyday.

I've always wanted one though! And I've been wanting to make one for the kids every since Caleb was born. But I haven't gotten around to it yet. And it's certainly not going to happen this year.

I had been wanting to do something like this one they used to sell at Pottery Barn Kids.

I think they were selling it for $70!!

But after reading Johanna's post, I'm thinking I might want to do something more meaningful. I'd never heard of advent devotions. When you grow up not focusing on a connection between Christ and Christmas, it's easy to do the same with your kids. At least for me. But, I would like it to be different for them.

I found this pattern on Etsy. I like how it's magnetic. I wonder where you would get a magnetic piece large enough for the background.

Anyway, that's about it. Hopefully I will have something to actually show next year :)


Johanna said...

That is cute. I wonder if you could find a cookie sheet with those dimensions? We use a cookie sheet when working with magnetic alphabet tiles to spell words, so I know it would stick well.

Joanna said...

That is such a cute advent calendar!!

Meagan said...

I saw this one too. I really liked it too. I think really you can turn any one into a Christian one just by inserting the scriptures in the pockets too.... Just like with the packages I made, I just wasn't quite on top of it....

Leah said...

I saw a blog post a while back where they used magnetic paint, maybe that would be an option? http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/07/office-progress-a-new-home-for-the-wallflowers/

Marie said...

Using scriptures instead of candy is a great idea! And that magnetic paint is amazing! I can't believe there is such a thing!