01 December 2010

The scarf that took forever is DONE!

I interrupt our lovely advent posts to bring you this message-
I finally finished the scarf I was making for my brother-in-law!!!!
It was tough, I tell ya. Thought it would never happen. I was also worried that when I was all done that I wouldn't like it, but I love how the scarf turned out. I hope he does too.
Here it is being modeled by my handsome little man (who is off school sick today!)


Joanna said...

Wow, I really like the scarf. It's simple and the color is perfect!

I can't believe how big Aidan is.

Johanna said...

It looks really nice! If he doesn't like it, something's wrong with him... :)

Marie said...

OMG!! I clicked on it so I could see the detail and it's amazing! The stitches look so tiny!! What weight yarn did you use?

I think you are such a lovely person for giving it away. I don't think I could stop myself from being selfish and keeping it :)

Tina said...

It was DK weight yarn. The pattern called for using 9mm, which is why I think I don't like many of the other scarves of this pattern on Ravelry. They all look really loose. I ended up using 4.5mm, which is why it took forever, but has such a nice woven look.
Believe me, if my husband wore scarves I would keep it! But at least I know that even if my brother in law doesn't appreciate the work that went into it, he will wear it!