03 November 2010

On my needles now...

These are what I am working on .... The first picture is the (unblocked) Chevalier mittens. They are really nice and such a fast knit. I am about half-way through the second one right now. I think these are headed for my brother-in-law's girlfriend. The pattern was free (bonus!) and the yarn was some that I have had around from a failed scarf ages ago!
The second is called Daddy's girl scarf. It is a mind-numbingly simple pattern, but makes a nice herringbone stitch. Looks really lovely. I don't LOVE very many of the finished projects from this pattern on Ravelry, so I am really hoping mine turns out a bit neater looking overall. It is easy, but as it is knit in DK weight yarn, it is taking forever.
Still haven't blocked my other scarf. Gotta get that done and photographed for you all to see. I love that one!
Any Christmas presents on YOUR needles?


Joanna said...

Wow, that scarf, although mind-numbing to knit, is VERY pretty. I really like how simple it is.

I took 6 weeks off from school so I could sew before Christmas. I'm starting to get the itch but I have to wait.

Marie said...

Very nice! I love the herringbone pattern. I tried to knit a similar pattern many years ago. It was knit longwise (is that a word?) though. It was a disaster and I ended up frogging it.

Joanna, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you create during your school break!