16 December 2010

Hmmm, Christmas

Well, I was a little mysterious on Saturday to have posted that I was here and wasn't posting. So I am here to explain myself. I was at the time stuck in a blizzard in the middle of Minnesota winter. Yeah you know the one that dumped eighteen inches of snow and collapsed the Metro Dome? Yeah that one. I gotta say, it was the BEST Christmas decoration that one could have. But by golly, you are not going to find that in Florida. In fact now that we are home, some of the "magic" of Christmas seems to be gone. I think in part cause it has warmed up again down here to the mid 70's for a couple of days, and it just doesn't bring about visions of sitting by a nice warm fireside.....

With the hubbub of the season and the medical concerns of Mike's parents though, it didn't necessarily seem like Christmas up there either. The Christmas trees weren't up at any of the homes, some weren't even going to go up this year either. Since we were gone, we couldn't decorate and have our tree up since there was no one around to water or enjoy it. So now, here it is 9 days till Christmas and I have just dragged home the Christmas tree, have yet to actually get it standing up straight, have no lights or ornaments on it, and not really ready or in the mood to do it. Unfortunately, with kids though you find the time regardless.

And I will. Sometime between the Christmas party at Savannah's school tonight, and the Christmas shopping, I will find time. Then I will find time to post the pictures too, really I will.

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Joanna said...

Wow, what a trip!!

I hope you get your cheer back. Any cheer will do. Make some cranberry tea. That smell always puts me in a better mood.