18 December 2010


I can't say I have a whole lot of Christmas recipes.... well, not other than ones you can basically just pick up in a box at the grocery store. Yup, that tends to be my kind of cooking.

The only true recipes it looks like I will be or have made this year is the Hershey Kiss Cookies, and Sweet Potatoes.

For Sweet Potatoes, we wash them up and clean them, slice them or cube them depending on the amount of time we have to cook them in, then add some real maple syrup. Cook covered for an hour (i think) and tada!

If you think that is kind of a generalized recipe, your right, it is. But that is a lot like how I cook.... I don't like following recipes to the T, and would perfer to have learned to cook by doing a little of this and a little of that..... Anyways though, if you want a better recipe than that, you'll have to do a recipe search for maple syrup sweet potatoes.... Most seem to add brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and maple syrup.....some even add nuts....

I never realized growing up though how much allergies played into not learning how to cook.... other than the fact that mom never cooked much, milk free recipes back then was hard to come by....so we modified a few and then kind of gave up other than that.....There was enough ways to get around using milk in cooking that we never had to find different recipes and just enough of a problem that we just didn't cook much.

I may add more as Christmas actually comes, or I may just let it go.... Depends on the mood I guess.


Joanna said...

Can I just ask what the fascination is with sweet potatoes? I make them for my babies to eat as first foods, and sometimes as fries, but otherwise I can't stand them. Is it something you have to grow up eating to have an appreciation for?

Tina said...

Yeah, I have never been a fan of sweet potatoes. Like you Jo, my kids eat them as babies and then that is it. Aaron doesn't like them either so we never make them. To be honest though, I can't remember ever actually trying them. Maybe I will make them sometime and actually eat them!
If I do I will let you know how it turns out.