06 December 2010

I learned how to knit a hat!

This is very exciting for me! Last month I took a class at a little knitting shop I just found on how to make a fair isle hat.  I'd never made a hat, used circular needles, or done anything fair isle before, but I was pleasantly surprise with how quickly I could pick it up.  It turned out really well so now my whole family is getting hats for Christmas.  Here's the first one I made for myself (pardon the ipod pictures, they start out ok but get worse as it gets darker outside.)
Next, this hat is for my husband.  I still need to fix the loose ends and block it.  Oh, and can I just say that I've never blocked one of my projects before and it is just amazing.  I think I was always a little scared of soaking it in water and somehow ruining it... I don't know.  But my hat was too small after I got done with it, but then I blocked it and magically it fit perfectly. Amazing.
This next one is for my mom.  It is a little bit different pattern - rather than a ski hat it is supposed to be a tam.  I guess I am supposed to block it with a plate inside and it will get somewhat of a beret look to it.
I still have to make one for my dad and one for my brother.  And they all have to be completely done before we leave on our trip next Saturday. 12 days for 2 hats?  I better get off the computer and get back to my knitting!

That is pretty much all I am making this year.  My husband is making a set of cornhole boards for his parents.  Come to think of it, though, I'll probably help paint them since that seems to be my job around here.  Anyway, he's working on them tonight so I ran out to the garage and snapped a picture:


Meagan said...

Cool hats. My favorite is the one for your mom. Shes a lucky lady... I can't imagine it as a beret though.

what are cornhole boards?

Tina said...

Those hats are great! I haven't yet knit a hat, but have a few patterns that I am interested in trying. I have also not done fair isle. How was that? It seems like it might be really fussy??
:-) My dad used to make corn hole boards years ago in Ohio, and had me sew up the bags for him. The only bit of sewing I ever did! To this day I really regret not getting him to make one for me. I can't get them over here as shipping would be insane! Too bad I never got my dad to teach me to work with wood either!

Joanna said...

Awesome! They look great Leah! I am always so impressed with you knitters. I really stink at knitting.

Meagan, for a good cornhole explanation see here:


Leah said...

funny video! Meagan, in case you didn't watch the video, cornhole is an outdoor bean bag toss game. I'm not very good at it cause I have terrible aim, but it's still a fun time.

Tina, the fair isle was not bad at all. I was a little intimidated before I started, but it was only 2 yarns and the pattern was easy to follow. I just held one yarn in each hand so it was easy to keep them separate. The girl who taught the class had a little thing you could clip to your finger that separated the yarns if you wanted to hold them in the same hand, that looked like it worked pretty well too.