06 December 2010

Christmas Gift Inspiration?

The Christmas gifts have started appearing under our tree!  Care to guess how many of these packages contain a handmade gift?

Yeah, that's right.  A big, fat ZERO.

Remember that one year that we all were making gifts galore and there were multiple posts going up here daily in order to showcase all the handi-work we were producing???  Wasn't that fun? Life has gotten in the way of my crafting.  Sure, I have ideas - but getting them into reality just isn't happening. 

I did pick up this paper crafting kit last January at Barnes & Noble on the "take an additional 75% off" table.  We are going to be doing these this week, as well as making snacks to take with us to our family reunion later this month. However, that is the extent of our creative Christmas making... So, instead, I am going to share some links of stuff I would make if I were making things.


Joanna said...

...slacker. ;)

Joanna said...

I'd never be able to put presents under the tree this early because SOME people I know would unwrap them in .2 seconds flat.

Tina said...

Thanks for the great links.
No presents under our tree yet, but our table is FULL of presents to send home to our families. So far so good with the kids. :-)