02 December 2010

McPhamily Advent

Hello, my name is Joanna and I am an Advent loser.

I have a very sorry history of good intentions fizzled to nothing in the area of advent, but this year Granny saved the day and linked to this EXCELLENT Advent devotional that I have printed out and prepped for us to do. We have to do a few days of catch-up. I want to buy an actual tree, put the paper ornaments on it and then when the season is over, plant our Jesse tree so we can watch it grow and remember every day - not just on Christmas - about the Root of Jesse and the birth of our Messiah. I am very happy with this Advent devotional because every year I think we focus so much on the gifts and decorations and totally lose Jesus amongst all the hubbub.

We are also counting down the days with this little thing. So that's what we're doing for Advent this year.


Marie said...

Yeah, I really dislike how we focus so much on gifts and decorations. I think this year will be a good year for us to focus on something else since we're so house poor and there won't be so many gifts anyway :)

Grandma said...

Good going, Jo! I was going to suggest using that little reindeer Anna was carrying around Wed. night - looking forward to Hanukkah with you Saturday night.