03 December 2010

Advent at the Hainer household.

Not much to report really.
I used to stress about this, but I don't now. I have a big fold out card and everyday we add a bit of the nativity scene. My kids also each have one of the chocolate pop out nativity calendars. Are those as big in the US as they are here? (there are so many things like that for me. Things that I don't remember being big in the US, but I know it may just be because my kids were too young for me to notice it!)
We have, over the last few years, tried very hard to simplify our Christmas. Less decorations, less toys... just less. This is not because I was worried that we were missing the point. Only because I found that we (and I mean myself really) were getting so busy that I had less and less time to enjoy it.
Thus, not much here. Possibly I will get in the game next year, but only if I think of it really early so that it doesn't become one more thing to get done.


Meagan said...

Yeah I see those chocolate calendars every year. It is popular here too.

Joanna said...

Funny, some guy that Del works with bought him 5 of those cheesy things for the girls. The chocolate in them is terrible!