04 March 2011

Recipe War for March

Ok, it seems like we're off to a rough start. Only two entries for February. (And I'm only making Jo's recipe today. Four days into March.)

I'll post the winning category in the sidebar for this month in case anyway misses the announcement in the comments.

I've also added 6 days to the March poll since we had a tie. If you haven't voted, please do.

Joanna won January's Recipe War. Woohoo! I know we used to have some prizes consisting of yarn and fabric, but I'm not so excited about these anymore. Especially since I've used up some of them in the past few years because I forgot I had set them aside for prizes. Oops! :)

Does anyone have any suggestions about how we can get people motivated to participate? Maybe we could get some outsiders to join in. Does anyone have a friend who might want to play? Of course, that sort of makes the issue of a prize more urgent.

Any thoughts?


Meagan said...

well, I still don't know what the theme was for Feb???

Marie said...


Marie said...

Hello? Is anyone there? Should we give it more time to start this up again? Thoughts please!

Tina said...

:-) Sorry I have been MIA. I don't even have a good reason!
I have a vegetarian friend who was going to give me a good recipe, but still hasn't so that is why I didn't get anything up for Feb.
I would still love to do the recipe wars though, I always like getting the ideas and seeing what people have to offer. I say we keep going. Some months might be more bare than others, but as long as we are all willing to accept that we should be good.

Joanna said...

I'm doing it. That's all I have to say about that. It's the rest of you that are a bunch of no-good, lazy, slackers. ;)

Kainoa said...

Joanna...I admit...I'm a BIG SLACKER but this week I will show you ALL (if I remember how to post) and I am going to actually post a recipe. Whats the theme again? =)

Marie said...

haha, there is no theme! There was a tie between kid friendly and something new. So, I've posted a new poll. Please cast your vote again. And since we're half way through March, let's just have this be for April. But I have the poll ending on March 21 and if we have enough votes I think we should just call the theme and start early.

Anyone got any suggestion about what we should do for the winner? I do still have that Rachel Ray DVD collection. Do you guys want to pool some prizes together?

Kainoa said...

Im SO SICK I cant post any food right now.....see ya back here when I get better. Im going to post the American Chili recipe that I have!

Joanna said...

Yes, on pooling the prizes together. I'll see what I'm willing to give up from my AWESOME STASH OF SEWING INSANITY!! Okay, Kainoa, I hope you get better soon. :(

Marie said...

Hope you feel better soon Kai! Seems like there is so much sickness going around.

Looks like "Something New" is going to win, but I'll still leave the poll up for a few days. This will be a recipe in which you try something you've never cooked with before. I'm thinking parsnips or fennel. It could be some kind of meat too.

So not sure the chili will work this time Kai. But I'm really looking forward to you posting it because the only chili I know how to make is from the McCormick's seasoning packet, which has gotten really expensive.