17 March 2011

Where do I begin?

Did you know that Mother's Day in England is earlier than in the US? It usually falls in March, but this year it is April 3. We usually celebrate the British Mother's Day around here. Didn't start off that way, but the kids do all their Mother's day crafts and activities at school and church for the British one, so it is more logical.
All of that to say that THIS is what I got/am getting for Mother's day this year!!!!
Isn't it lovely? I was aiming for the cheaper model, but my husband is the king of upgrades...
We bought it from a man who not only sells them, but has a repair shop as well. He delivered it to my house yesterday, set it up and showed me how to use it. Haven't paid for it yet. He wants me to try it out for a few days to make sure it is what I want. He will be here tomorrow to pick up either the check or the machine. Isn't that great?
So I am completely full of excitement, but have no idea where to start. I think I need to buy some scissors! And fabric! Goodness. I wish someone around me sewed. Don't know who I will go to for help! ha ha ha.
Anyhow - I knew all you ladies would be excited right along with me. :-)
Hope your day is as nice as mine!


Leah said...

Funny story about Mother's Day. I was in Ireland one year around this time and saw all the advertisements about Mother's Day and I started to get really worried - how had I forgotten all about it?! So I bought a card and a small gift, and when my mom picked me up from the airport I gave it all to her - several months early apparently! oops!

That's a very nice gift you got! I hope you can get a lot of good use out of it!

Joanna said...

AWESOME!!! I'm so excited. I wish I was there to help! But, you are naturally crafty so I think you'll take to it really well.

Joanna said...

LOL! That is really funny Leah.

Johanna said...

How incredible!! I cannot wait to see what you make first. Of course this is going to cut into your knitting time... :)

Marie said...

How exciting!!! Since you became such a proficient knitter in such a short time, I expect you will out sew every one of us by the end of the year!

That's so nice that the guy left it with you to try out first. The place I bought my sewing machine has great service and they offer free sewing classes to learn how to use the machine to its fullest potential. You should see if your sewing guy offers instruction.

And you should get Joanna to get you cheap stuff at Joann's. Like Gingher scissors with a 40% coupon. I'd offer myself but, sadly, the nearest Joann's is more than an hour away from me so I hardly ever go. I'm sure Joanna doesn't mine me volunteering her services :)

Kainoa said...