28 June 2007

Things Have Changed

I have two comments that I must make about this blog.

Comment #1: I feel kinda funny about the picture of me and Jo being up there now that there are four of us. Is there anyone computer savvy enough to create a picture with all of us in it?

Comment #2: The tiny little italicized font is driving me bonkers. Would anyone mind if we unitalicize it?


Jo said...

better? you are so funny. i was thinking about the picture, too. i don't have a recent photo of johanna. maybe i can do something. i'll get her to send me a picture and see which ones i have of meagan.

Johanna said...

I can try to find a picture. We really should have taken one together when you were stuck here overnight, Joanna! And I don't care what the font is. I was surprised that when I chose a font when composing a post, that it doesn't publish with that font! And I was wondering if there is a way for me and Meagan to put what books we are reading - assuming we are reading any...

Meagan said...

reading books?!?!?! what with kids around?!?!?! You got to be kidding me... lol.

Actually I do read but in between books.

Marie said...

yes, you can put the books you are reading! here's how:
1. go to the "template" tab
2. click on "page elements"
3. click on "edit" in the little box that says "books we're"
4. add your info in "add list item"
5. save
i'd like to hear about the books you guys are reading too, like what you like and don't like and if it is influencing you at all. i feel that we shouldn't be limited to just talking about crafts. especially since johanna, meagan and i don't know each other very well. i'll try not to talk to much about accounting stuff, but sometimes i won't be able to help it. like how i think it's so cool that this morning i got to climb up on top of one of those huge things that hold fuel. you know the things that have the stairs that spiral all the way to the top. it had about 2 million gallons of diesel in it!

Jo said...

i thought a picture of a flower might suffice for now. i took that picture myself so it's personalized and everything. what do you think? they are african daisies.

Johanna said...

Thanks for the info on how to add what we're reading. It is a great way to get to know someone - to see what they choose to read. And I like the flowers. It would be cool to have us, but those are really pretty.