04 August 2007

The Notetaker

The gals at Craft Apple and Pink Chalk Studio have been on a kick recently making these Notetakers. I am tempted to buy the pattern and try it. I honestly can't figure out the reluctance that I have to doing so. Maybe it is the fear that the cost of the notetakers will get pretty steep...especially after messing it up... and starting over a few times.

Any suggestions??? Should I just go for it??? How easy do you think it is???? I think it is pretty similar to the doodle pad on Craft Apple. Maybe I should try that first??? How long would it take??? Could I get them done by Christmas???

I even have some great fabric for it. If only I knew where it was... and the notetakers would make great gifts... ugh, to craft or not to craft. Seems to be my theme tonight.


Jo said...

the little artist case is super easy to make. obviously the first one is a learning experience but after that it's easy as pie to make and adjust to how you like it. the reason i would buy the pattern for the portfolio is because i've seen the materials list and it looks so involved that i'd want detailed instructions on how to make it correctly the FIRST time instead of wasting my time on a bad one. i don't really care about the material because so much of mine is cheapie stuff i bought at joann's. it's the time factor i care about.

after regular contractions wednesday, thursday and friday i have fizzled into nothing. a contraction here and there and the 9th and a c-section looming darkly ahead of me. i'm a little depressed.

Johanna said...

I printed off the pattern for the little artist case and plan to try it - someday when I have time to try something. I like all the portfolios that they have been posting lately, and they would make great gifts. I am planning to try the craft apple pattern for the hanging cork board thing - can't remember what it is called just now. I bought the supplies for it months ago...I guess since I want to use them for Christmas gifts I still have time.

I had contractions come and go for days with Aaron. So frustrating. Would they consider inducing with pitocin before trying the c-section? It may be the lesser of two evils.

Jo said...

nope, they won't induce because research shows that you're more likely to have your uterus rupture if you're induced.