07 November 2007

Christmas came early for me

So my mom sent me this Kitchen Aid mixer that was my Tutu's (Grandma in hawaiian) and she had it for a while but was not using it and I have been wanting it. She remodeled their kitchen and did not see the room for it so she decided that I would use it more and she sent it to me! I am SO happy! My Tutu bought this mixer in 1972 and I remember making homemade pasta and cokkies and bread with this exact mixer! It also came with a real copper bowl that inserts into the regular bowl that is great for whipping egg whites! I feel so happy now I will be able to make cookies and it will be so much easier to do this! I have been begging for one for years...ask Derrek, he is so glad to not have to hear me beg for one anymore! Plus it has a TON of sentimental value to me! maybe someday when we (finally) decide to have a child I can pass this down to them as my tutu and mom did for me!


Marie said...

That is amazing that it looks exactly like the one I got about 5 years ago. I guess there is no need to mess with perfection. I love that it is being passed down to the next generations. How did you make home-made pasta? Did you have one of those pasta roller attachments?

Joanna said...

i still have mine that del gave me for our second anniversary and it looks exactly like that only i can't use it because for some reason they sent us a machine with a european plug and then gave us the runaround until we couldn't return it anymore. i am seriously upset about that. i would like to send it to tina because well...she's in europe but it's expensive to send it. i don't know what else to do with it though. it's the biggest paper weight i've ever seen.