17 December 2007

Sugar Free Biscotti

So the biscotti that Joanna made looked really good to me and since I have heard the biscotti are not super sweet, I wondered if they would still be good when made with splenda. I have never had any biscotti before, and so I really have nothing to compare it to. They were good, but I don't think I will make them all the time. I really didn't love them. They turned out as far baking okay without the sugar - the flavor was okay, too. I guess I just like something softer, sweeter...who knows! They are much better dunked in the coffee, and ice cream is always good (sugar free, of course!). Anyway, here's a picture of how it looked.


Joanna said...

if you'd like them to be softer add butter to them. the other recipe that i have is:

4 T butter
3/4 c sugar
2 eggs
1/2 t vanilla
2 1/4 c flour
2 t baking powder
pinch salt
nuts if you want

beat together butter and sugar, add eggs then vanilla (or almond. mix in flour, bp and salt. proceed as in joy of baking recipe.

looks yummy!

Johanna said...

I might try that some time. I think that one recipe of biscotti will keep us for a bit though! :) Maybe after the holidays...

Joanna said...

really? my biscotti was gone within twenty-four hours! it's not just me though. ella, sarah, rachel and del all like it also.

Johanna said...

Jerry's eaten some - Ethan liked it, too. But Aaron didn't like it. He likes very few sweets. Go figure!

Kainoa said...

Yummy!!! Your coffee or hot chocolate looks great too! Makes me want to grab the snack right through the computer!