18 December 2007

The Twelve Days of Ornaments - Day Eight

Part of the reason I like this one so much is because it involves my sewing machine and my rotary cutter and mats. Don't get me wrong, I like to scrapbook and I like all my cool paper, but I am truly a seamstress at heart. Luckily Emily over at Ravenhill put up this timely tutorial for some of the prettiest and neatest ornaments I found in my search for ornaments. I quickly ran to my closet and was nearly heart broken when I found I'd thrown away my already felted sweater. But, I found two others that were joyously sacrificed to the cause. Something else I really like about this ornament is that it inspires me to be imaginative: felted heart ornaments? How about felted bags, felted hat pins, felted cards...what else can I make with a used, felted wool sweater? You know what? I'm sure that Kumiko Sudo has projects in her books calling for quality felt. Now I have some (you can't buy it at JoAnn.) Anyway, this isn't really one for the kids. Maybe in two years Ella will be able to do this rationally and not waste the felt. And I think the next one I make will be smaller and hand stitched. And I'd put bells on it. I have to buy some though because the girls like to toss them all over the house and I'm really not sure where the two bags of bells I had are. I'm sure under couches, beds, behind dressers and in other various places I'm in no mood to look. Now, run to your closet and get a sweater. I expect to see some posts about ornaments here!


Johanna said...

That's really pretty. I'm not sure I have a sweater I could use...But it's something to keep my eyes open for at a thrift shop. I'll have to dig in my closets.

Kainoa said...

Wow that looks great!! Now I know what to do with some old sweater I don't wear anymore! You are doing a great job with all the ornaments!!!