12 February 2008

Sunday Roast on Tuesday

I have been dying to make a traditional Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding and Roasted Potatoes ever since our discussion here about British food almost 3 months ago. I finally made my fully British meal tonight for dinner and it was great! I tried a new method for roasting my meat in which the meat is cooked directly on the oven rack with a pan below to catch the drippings. This worked really well for me because a) I forgot to get the meat in the crockpot early enough to slow cook it and b) my oven is too small for any roasting pan I have ever found (fortuntely I have two small ovens so I can still prepare a big meal like this!) I felt a bit funny about putting meat directly on the rack, but it worked great! The only problem is that it cooked faster this way and I ended up overcooking the meat. I like mine medium, and this was well-done.

Please ignore major cooked on spills...I ran the auto clean cycle as soon as the roast came out of the oven!

I found the recipes for the roasted potatoes and Yorkshire puddings on a really cool blog written by an Englishman who had a hard time cooking British recipes with American ingredients and adapted the recipes for us. I was going to use his recipe for the tatties and the puddings but I found a different pudding recipe that I felt was more reliable and I was thrilled with the results of both!

But I have to tell you that what made this meal great instead of just good was the gravy! I didn't have any Bisto, but the pan drippings that I didn't use for the puddings went right into the richest beef gravy I have ever made and it made this food perfect!

Doesn't it just make your mouth water?


Tina said...

Oh, it all looks great. Wish I knew how your yorshire puddings tasted!!!
This week I used duck fat to roast my potatoes and it was WONDERFUL! mmmmm... totally worth the fat and calories!
I have a box all ready to ship to you with Bisto and some pudding mixes, it is just actually making it to the post office that seems hard sometimes! ha ha ha

Johanna said...

Actually the taste of the Yorkshire puddings was the one thing I was a little bit disappointed with. Not much flavor. However, dipped in the gravy...mmmm...that's another story! I was just happy they actually looked like they should and had the right texture!

I had seen the recommendation to use duck or goose fat, but I don't think I can get it here. At least I've never seen it in the store!

And I forgot to mention that since my beef was well-done already, I don't think it is going to reheat really well. I need some ideas for using up the leftover beef!! Any ideas, gals??

Joanna said...

oh my goodness! yummy yummy yummy!

things i make with leftover beef: asian food (soy sauce makes every thing better), chili, fried rice (i guess that's asian, eh?), soup/stew.

Tina said...

Maybe some cold beef sandwiches? I always want to try that, but we never have any beef left!
And, if the yorkshire puddings didn't have much taste then you have them right! :-) They really are not great without gravy, but are spectacular with! Were they a bit crispy outside and sorta hollow in the middle? I have to make sure I find a good recipe before we move back to the US!

Johanna said...

Yes, they were crispy on the outside and a bit hollow in the middle. The bits that were in the middle had a really soft and smooth texture - a little custardy, but cooked through. Not really sure how to describe it. But you're exactly right - without the gravy, they're just something to chew on, but with the gravy!!! I think the recipe I used is a keeper. I had to weigh out my flour and such because it is written in grams, but I have a food scale, so it wasn't a problem. It was so close to a cup of flour that I think if I make it again, I'll just measure a cup.

Joanna said...

they almost sound and look a bit like popovers but those are even more hollow inside.