25 May 2009


So, here is my newest project! Girasole. Take a look at the pictures in the link... isn't it gorgeous?? I am doing the blanket version of it instead of the shawl. I have all of a sudden had a desire to start lace knitting. Funny, only because up until now I instantly dismissed anything with a chart. This one has 7 separate charts, but I think that is what makes it easier. Not one big giant thing, just a small piece at a time. I have just put in a lifeline a few rows back (thus the red yarn there). My friend Trish suggested it and I am sure I will end up loving her for it. I have completed charts A and B, and am only a few rows into chart C. I know this will take forever, but I am so excited I wanted to show you NOW!
Wish I could have taken a better picture, but there was no way to get it spread out better while still on the needles!


Marie said...

Oh my!!! I'm so glad you are making this! I've seen this before because I check out Brooklyn Tweed's blog every once in a while. I've always thought it was so gorgeous and would make the most happy blanket for the couch. One of those blankets that you cuddle up to when you've had a bad day, and it would make you instantly feel better. I love lace knitting. I don't like it because you really do have to pay attention to what your doing. But with some patterns, once you get into how it repeats, you don't have to "think" so much and it does quickly. I'm interested to hear about your progress!

Joanna said...

Oh that's so nice of you to make such a pretty blanket for me! ;)

It's lovely and I really like your choice of colors. Wow, Tina you are the bomb-diggity.

Johanna said...

That looks awesome! I can't wait to see the finished blanket! I bet it will take a while, though.